Templates for Due Diligence, Termsheet, Convertible Note and Esop

Here is a collection of documents around topics and questions all early stage startups are facing at some point in time. Most of the documents are standard documents around topics like due diligence, employee stock option plans (esops / vesops), convertible notes and other standard contracts.

Disclaimer: This is neither a legal advice nor does I take on any guarantees or liabilties for the the correctness of these documents.

Due Diligence Documents

In How to Prepare For and Manage a Due Diligence Process I tried to lay out how a due diligence process works and what founders can do to prepare and manage it. Each venture capital investor might have its own due diligence checklist, but I would like to provide you with the following due diligence checklist template to get you started:


In my blog post An Introcution to Venture Capital Deal Terms I summarized all the major terms founders and investors need to consider when drafting term sheets. There endless variations of term sheets and individual terms. As a starting point I have drafted a termsheet template, which you might find useful:

Convertible Notes

Comming soon

Virtual Stock Option Programs (vesop) / Employee Stock Option Programs (esop)

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